Carousels of Paris

I’ve been fascinated by carousels since I was a little girl.

The French are also lovers of carousels, as witnessed by the many seen in parks and even on street corners.

I fell in love with Parisian carousels during my first visit and returned to the U.S. eager to learn more about them. Further research revealed that there is a conspicuous gap in readily available information.

And thus began my trip down the carousel research rabbit hole, enjoying every second of the journey.

Donald and I have, during two trips, managed to capture images of several of the carousels, but intend to go back as often as it takes to photograph all of the carousels in Paris, including those that move around the city, and those that disappear for a time only to reappear at a later time.

The book captures the colorful motion of everyday life in the City of Light while chronicling the history and characteristics of these unique attractions.

Carousels are much more than amusement rides. They are emblematic of the fantastical and the fun, the wild and the tamed. With their varying degrees of ornamentation and craftsmanship, Parisian carousels have for more than a century signaled delight and merriment for children while igniting the still small spark of whimsy among adults.

The book is already collecting a bit of interest (see the reviews below!).

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Full Praise

“Kaye and Donald Barley’s photographs of Parisian carousels capture the whimsy, wit, and charm of the raucous merry-go-rounds that pepper the cobblestone streets and manicured parks of the City of Light. So grab a copy of Carousels of Paris and let your imagination wander back to a world full of colored lights and painted horses, quaint carriages and playful tigers, fantastical griffins and endangered dodos.”
—Juliet Blackwell, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Carousel of Provence and Letters from Paris

“Simply enchanting! The carousels are delightful and the photographers manage to bring them to life. I half expected them to leap off the pages. I absolutely adored this book!”
—Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author and author of soon to be released Paris is Always a Good Idea

“I am not the same,

having seen the moon shine

on the other side of the world.”

—Mary Anne Radmacher